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All services start with a thorough consultation.  Here we will discuss your lifestyle, natural hair, hair history, budget, and desired out come to create a plan that is unique to you.  Our prices and times are listed to help you feel prepared for your salon day leaving no surprises.  This will allow you to relax and let us take care of the rest as you receive your one-on-one experience.  We encourage you to bring snacks, a book, headphones however you like to get your zen on. 

All color services include everything your hair may need:  glossing, wash, conditioning treatment, blow-out, and style.

All services are priced based on stylist's hourly rate.  Please visit this link for pricing details.

Blonde Transformation

This service is to transform your brassy blonde hair to a bright blonde with a soft blended root.  This service is not for anyone with previous box dye on their hair. 


Full Highlight

During this service the structure for your color will be placed to create a flawless grow out.   The 'full' is only needed every 7-9 months and will be maintained with one of our refresh services as recommended by your stylist. 

Refresh Highlight

A refresh on existing blonde.  If you love your color and just want to brighten it up around your part and hairline paired with a fresh gloss to finish.  This service will give new life to your existing dimensional color. 

Faceframing  Highlight

This service will touch up the dimension around your hairline and is finished with a gloss.  Perfect for those who like to wear their hair up in a ponytail or for keeping that money piece bright.

Light to Dark Transformation

For anyone who wants to tone things down a notch.  A customized mix of both Lowlights and Highlights are placed to create a soft grow out while preserving dimension, paired with a custom gloss to tie everything together. 

One Color all Over

If you are not into dimension this is for you.  One color is mixed specific to your needs, applied to the roots.  The ends of your hair will get this same color or gloss.  This will allow you to change your current tone, go darker, or cover gray.  This is a full coverage service.

Refresh Gloss

Bring life back to your dimensional color.  This service will revamp the desired tone and add shine to dimension that is still growing out seamlessly. 


A custom haircut created specifically for your hair, starts with a wet structure cut followed by dry detailing.  This service covers everything from trims to a brand new look. Includes a wash and blow-out..


A shampoo and scalp massage followed by a detailed blow out and styling.  Curly or straight however you'd like!

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