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IBE Care Guide

Professional Products

Your extensions are only as good as the products you apply to them! We recommend using Goldie Locks products.  Always use sulfate/paraben free products -these ingredients are proven to dry out the hair, acting as a scrubbing astringent to remove dirt and oils. 


Before going to sleep, always braid or place in a top knot to keep your wefts from tangling or matting. The friction of rolling your head back and forth while sleeping can cause matting from the small weft hairs. Especially if they are wet! The use of a silk pillowcase is highly recommended. It is softer on your hair, and is proven to be better for your skin as well (Added bonus!)


It is important to use a detox shampoo once every few weeks just at the base of your extensions. It’s easy for products to build up along that weft line, so using a detox shampoo will break down any residue and create a cleaner environment. There is no need to use on your entire head, but rather, focus shampoo right at the base and scrub to release product debris.

Brush Often

You will need to brush thoroughly multiple times a day. With your free hand, keep pressure on the base of your wefts to eliminate unnecessary tension and pulling while you brush. Make sure to separate each row and brush in between to avoid matting or tangling.


Chlorine and salt water have the same negative effect on hair extensions....they both cause extreme dryness. The salt will cause the hair to immediately loose moisture, but also will create expansion of your hair extensions. If your hair is not protected, you will have a matted mess on yourhands. If swimming can’t be avoided, rinse first with tap water and liberally apply a leave-in conditioner. Before swimming place your hair in a ponytail then braid hair tightly to avoid excessive tangling and swelling. Once you’ve left the water, immediately wash and deep condition. Then follow up with your leave-in conditioner and serum.

Dry Immediately 

When activities take place in damp or humid conditions such as workouts, steam rooms, or saunas, make sure the extensions are dried immediately after.  Focus on drying the top of the wefts, at the base of your head.  If mpisture is continually left along the weft line for prolonged periods of time, you may create an environment for mold or extreme build uo.  Even if you just focus a blow dryer along the top of your row, it will reduce any opportunities for issues to arise.


Due to the chemical processing that all extension hair undergoes, you need to focus on replenishing the moisture. Your shampoo and conditioner should be from a professional product line that is nourishing and hydrating. The weekly use of a deep hydrating, moisturizing mask is also recommended. The daily use of a serum or oil through the extension ends is highly recommended to retain moisture and softness. You should avoid the use of tinted oils such as argon or Moroccan, as they will tint blonde extensions.

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