Invisible Bead Extensions 


- Always use professional products 

* we recommend R+Co

- On wet hair use a leave-in conditioner and deep conditioning mask

- On dried hair use a hair oil once per day

- Brush hair thoroughly through out the day

- Make sure hair is thoroughly dried immediately after washing, work outs, swimming.

* make sure root of extension is not still damp 

- Sleep with hair in a loose braid or top knot


- Let hair get/stay tangled

- Sleep with wet hair

- Use purple/ toning shampoo

- Submerge hair in chlorine or salt water

 *if unavoidable first rinse hair in tap water and apply leav-in conditioner then braid hair tightly prior 

- Use sun screens containing Avebenzone (Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane) Sun Bum brand is safe to use near extensions 

 *This will turn lighter extensions pink tones